The Audo

MENU, a design brand which creates human-centric, multi-functional environments, has recently teamed up with Norm Architects to establish The Audo, a hotel that doubles as a live showroom for the brand’s furniture and homeware.

The Audo will house MENU’s headquarters, along with 10 guest residences, a café, restaurant and concept store in their 2500m2 space located in Copnehagen’s Nordhavn district. This unique intersection of co-working, showroom, dining and hotel will redefine how we interact and connect with design, space, and one another.

“The new space is a hub for powerful ideas, beautiful design and inspiration. Through openness, knowledge-sharing and collaboration, MENU takes a new approach to running a design business. Our move to The Audo highlights the multidisciplinary, unifying nature of design, while serving as a showcase and testing ground for our new concepts”, says MENU’s Chief Design & Brand Officer, Joachim Kornbek Hansen.

Originally built in 1918, the building’s interior showcases an interesting combination of original features accompanied by carefully considered noteworthy brands, including MENU’s comprehensive selection of furniture, lighting, and accessories.

The name is derived from an abbreviation of the Latin phrase, Ab Uno Disce Omnes, which translates to From one, learn all. This philosophy is accurately displayed by The Audo through its successful ability to unite work and event spaces with food, store, and residence spaces using smooth transitions.


Words: Editorial Board

Photography: Courtesy of Menu World