Our friends at Copenhagen based studio, Norm Architects, have once again demonstrated their craft for interior architecture, minimalist design and attention to detail, through their recent partnership with Michael Schmidt of Y/Yachts. The 20-metre long yacht, named “Bella”, houses an array of tactile surfaces, natural materials and matte finishes to evoke a warm and exclusive feel.

While the tone-on-tone colors create a subdued ambiance, the use of applied wood veneer, papier stone, black steel hardware, and various woven textiles, harmoniously come together to amplify each other through their various textures. The thoughtful use of warm, built-in lights within the furnishings and ceiling further emphasizes the calm and cozy space.

With the intention to “combine comfortable sailing behavior with competitive sailing performance”, the weight of the yacht was reduced to 28.5 tons, while also shortening the carbon fiber mast for stability and increased speed. All unnecessary aspects of the internal construction were revised to accomplish a simpler framework, highlighting the natural curvatures of the yacht.

All halyards, sheets and stretchers on the Y7 run hidden to the steering columns. The helmsman can operate them alone at any time – not a matter of course for a 70-foot yacht. With a weight of around 28.5 tons and a sail area of almost 300 square meters at the wind, the Y7 has sufficient propulsion even in light winds and offers corresponding sailing fun.

Manoeuvring in the marina becomes child’s play with the Y7. Two engines, a bow thruster and the joystick control even make it possible for the yacht, which is almost 22 metres long, to be driven transversely. The two Nanni diesel engines with 59 kW each drive the Y7 very economically under engine.

The furling system and anchor are elegantly integrated; the up to 3.45 metre long dinghy disappears into the rear garage. It is launched with a patent pending lift integrated into the carbon fibre tree.

Bella is the construction number one of the Y/Yachts model Y7 and was developed in cooperation with the US-American designer Bill Tripp, who has already brought numerous yachts between 15 and 86 meters in length onto the water. Like all Y/Yachts formats, Bella was manufactured in Greifswald by Michael Schmidt Yachtbau.

Words: Editorial Board

Photography: Courtesy of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Norm Architects